A functional art object in its most practical form. This unique oil painting was created on the seat of a beautiful chair found by Nielaba in Switzerland in a gallery offering second-hand furniture. The formally pure wood-and-steel construction seems to be almost too stable for the tiny seat. However, it is this little element that reflects the object’s soul in its second life. Nielaba stored this chair for few years before including it in his ART FORM cycle in 2016. He created his oil painting on the seat to highlight the amazing pattern made by natural hues of iron ore. One could say that the artist succeeded in smelting a new seat in the furnace of artistic passion, endowing it with the metallic purity of a fractal. Irrespective of where the chair will be situated, it will breathe new life into any interior. Thanks to light, it will become alive itself.


 Oil on wood, coated with resin lacquer mixture, proprietary technique


Hight: total - 64 cm; back above the seat - 14,5 cm

Width: total - 51 cm; seat - 43 cm

Seat depth - 32 cm

Legs-chromium-plated steel  




          © Martin Nielaba – All rights reserved



  Warsaw, Poland


  (+48) 698 864 463