A unique object that is still being made. It used to be a worktop in a public kitchen in Switzerland. Thanks to Nielaba, it has been transformed into an artwork, fundamentally changing both its function and value.


The worktop was just a fragment – useless, devoid of its function for years, doomed to slow decay. However, it is about to make a spectacular comeback – not to a kitchen, but to a salon, because only the most prestigious spaces will be able to properly accommodate it. This comeback has inspired the name of the object – it manifests itself anew, just like the mythical fractal of time. Due to the dynamism of the painting, it triggers associations with limitless space – perhaps even the beginning of the Universe.




 Oil on wood, coated with resin lacquer mixture, proprietary technique   


Lenght- 196 cm

Width - 58 cm 




          © Martin Nielaba – All rights reserved



  Warsaw, Poland   




  (+48) 698 864 463