The close association of fashion with art prompted Nielaba to experiment with seemingly contradictory and abstract solutions at the intersection of these two fields. He discovered that his resin lacquer mixture and the technique of its application offers incredible possibilities of applying pigmented patterns onto leather or other materials, using an intermediary substrate e.g. silk. By retaining deep colour and flexibility, objects prepared in this way become beautiful and luxurious articles that cater to sophisticated tastes and meet the demands of the market by following the current trends in the world of fashion.


In the 1990’s Nielaba established contact with one of the most famous fashion houses in the world - Hermès Paris and consequently was commissioned by this fashion house to use his invention to apply the unique Hermès silk design onto leather and wood, enclosing it with his resin lacquer coating. This led to the creation of a perfect product that combined two very different materials while retaining silk’s vivid palette of colours, texture and pigmentation. The final product can be used in luxury interior design and, what is even more significant, it is entirely weatherproof.   



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